A Wellness Themed Surprise Party for The Mamas

This year I realized my birthday comes in the midst of a baby wave!  Most of my best friends have either given birth in the last four months or will give birth in the next four months.  I also realized that none of them had baby showers. They were either too busy, overwhelmed, or were on their fourth or fifth child (Kimberly Van Der Beek, I’m talking about you). So I decided that my birthday would be the perfect opportunity to bring everyone together for a joint surprise Mommy shower, where the focus would be celebrating this incredible group of women and showing these mamas some love.

Since I know these ladies have all the baby gear they could possibly need, I wanted the shower to be about nurturing them because Mama’s deserve to be cared for too!  I invited everyone to join me at my favorite new lunch spot, The Cafe on Melrose Place, under the premise of it being my birthday party. I surprised them all with wellness themed gift bags featuring some of my favorite self-care goodies which included gift cards to Shape House, Glamsquad, and some of my favorite beauty products from Kate Somerville, Living Libations, and Moon Juice.  I also selected a piece of clothing from my collection for each guest. On top of that, my friends at Glamsquad were kind enough to provide hair and make-up to everyone the morning of the party, so they all got to start their day with a little pampering.

While we nibbled on carrot and fennel salad, avocado toast, gluten-free pasta, and roasted kabocha squash, we were also treated to Tarot Card readings from Anna Aruni. The party was a huge success.  Not only was everyone completely surprised, but we ended up sharing an incredible feeling of sisterhood in each other’s company.