Erin Fetherston x Unearthen

Anyone who has ever been to my home (or seen pictures) can attest to the fact that I am a crystal enthusiast.  I’ve often thought of them as “jewelry for the home” (rose quartz and amethyst are one of the few ways I sneak pastels in without my husband's objection). In addition to their natural beauty, I’ve always been drawn to crystals for their energetic properties, especially clear quartz which is also known as the “master healer”.

When a mutual friend offered to introduce me to Gia Bahm, founder of the jewelry line Unearthen, I was eager to make her acquaintance.  I had always admired her masterful use of raw stones and metal and I was keen to collaborate on a jewelry line that would compliment my collection.  Together, we spawned this limited edition five piece capsule featuring a mix of gold and raw quartz crystal; a bold bullet style pendant necklace, a dramatic split style cocktail ring, a pair of petite point studs, and a quartz encrusted barrette and headband.  I hope you’ll love them as much as I do.

XO Erin

Photography by Hellin Kay