Fragments Identity

When my husband and I decided to go bi-coastal, I knew it would be both an adventure and a challenge.  Doing it while nine months pregnant certainly added to the drama of it all, but I could not think of a more perfect place to give birth or experience the beginning of family life than in my home state of California.  Furnishing a new home with a baby on the way was no small undertaking, but between my passion for interior design and some serious nesting hormones, I was able to pull together the home of our dreams with the help of some incredibly talented designers. 

Interior designer Tammy Price, founder of Fragments Identity, was one of those angels who fortuitously came into my life as a contributor on my OKL living room project.  As soon as I met her, I knew we were kindred spirits. We share a mutual love for simple, effortless style and we're both drawn to neutral palettes and natural, organic textures.  What started out as a simple commission project ultimately blossomed into our collaboration; erin fetherston x fragments identity.  With our collection of natural textiles, accessories, and furnishings, we hope to enliven your home and spirit with our vision for easy, elegant living.

XO Erin

Mud Cloth Poncho

Marble Heart

Linen Baby Carrier

Mud Cloth Placemat 

Mud Cloth Napkin

Mud Cloth Clutch

Vintage Shandong Stool