SUPER YOU: My LA Wellness & Beauty Guide

I've always believed that health and wellness are the foundation for beauty. Having just thrown a wellness inspired Mommy shower for my friends, I wanted to share all the resources that helped me personally navigate the postpartum period and that keep me feeling my best in general.

Here is my list of go to practitioners and products in Los Angeles.



I love Glamsquad for basically everything.  I’ve used them both for myself as well as my runway shows and photo shoots.  One thing I found especially hard after giving birth was getting my nails done.  I certainly didn’t want to bring my baby into a nail salon with all the toxins in the air, so I used Glamsquad regularly for in-home manis and pedis.

Kate Somerville

I love getting facials at their Melrose Place Clinic and the Kate Somerville products are some of my favorites! I especially love their UncompliKated SPF spray and Dermalquench.

Joanna Vargas

My other favorite LA spot for skincare, I especially love the Triple Crown Oxygen facial.


A beautiful hair salon with a secret garden.  I see Abbey Heerwagen for color.

Living Libations

I love all their essential oils and beauty products which are wild-crafted and 100% organic.  My favorite is their Rose Best Skin Ever serum which doubles as a cleanser.


Barbara Dawson Pilates

I do private sessions with Barbara at Equinox in West Hollywood, but she also works at Pilates studios in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills that do not require membership.  Barbara has been instrumental in helping me repair my diastasis recti and resolve other postpartum related injuries.

Grace Lezanby and her Rockin’ Model WorkOut

This is the only group exercise class I can bring myself to do because it is so effective!  I take her class at Equinox, but she also offers online workout programs on ClassPass.

Nutritional Supplements

MaryRuth Organics is my go-to resource for supplements and vitamins.  I swear by their probiotics and liquid vitamins.

 Chiropractic Care

Berlin Wellness Group

I worked with Dr. Elliot Berlin and Dr. Suzanne Frank for prenatal and postpartum bodywork and chiropractic care.  Both have experience attending women during their births, which is something I wish I would have known going into labor. 

Kid Chiropractic- Christine Anderson DC

I love getting adjustments from Dr. Anderson who is also great for infants and children.  My son and I go in for adjustments together.


So Gang Acupuncture

Specializing in prenatal and postpartum care, they also offer excellent massage and acupuncture packages.

Cleansing Resources

Fatima Williams

Gravity-woods method hydro-colon therapist and all around wonderful person, Fatima is a vital part of my self-care routine in Los Angeles.

Shape House

I love using the infrared sauna as part of my cleansing protocol and The Shape House is a beautiful facility that offers sauna and lymphatic massage.

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation (especially helpful for postpartum healing)

Ellen Heed

Ellen is a bodyworker, educator, and scholar who specializes in scar remediation and pelvic floor health.  She was extremely helpful for me in my postpartum recovery process and I would recommend her to anyone who suffered from tearing or other complications from birthing.

Kimberly Johnson

Kimberly is a bodyworker specializing in birth rehearsal and postpartum care and recovery. She specializes in somatic experiencing trauma resolution.  You can book a session with her at WMN space.

Intuitive Healers

Peggy Rometo

Peggy is a both a trusted friend and spiritual advisor.  She has incredible intuitive and healing abilities. I especially love talking to her about matters of love, family, and health.

Arash Jacobs

Arash is an incredible intuitive healer and is great at energy work.  He was especially helpful to me when I went through the process of weaning my son (I nursed until he was 26 months old, so I needed some extra support figuring out how to move on from that phase).

Nicole Scheier

Specializing in past life readings, I found Nicole to be extremely insightful.  She works with individuals as well as couples.