Renovation Tales: My NYC Kitchen Transformation, Part II

The kitchen is the heart of any home and in an open loft format it works overtime as both a functional space and entertaining space. Aesthetically, I wanted it to blend seamlessly into the rest of the apartment, which is why I was beyond excited when I discovered the beautiful line of kitchen appliances by Cafe Appliance.  

I always think hardware fixtures in the home are the equivalent of good jewlery. That’s why I was overjoyed with Cafe Appliance’s thoughtful line of kitchen appliances which come in either matte black or white surfaces and an array of metal finish options for their hardware.  I chose their black matte finish refrigerator, dish washer, and oven with bronze hardware which was a perfect compliment to the black and white story I designed for the kitchen and the fact that I could have bronze hardware on these was a dream come true.

While the rest of the apartment is predominantly white, I loved bringing black into the kitchen space to add glamour and sophistication. I never thought I would call a refrigerator or a dishwasher sexy, but mine are!  The Cafe Appliance range has completely elevated the experience of being in this space and has me super excited to start hosting soon!  #DistinctbyDesign . 



Refrigerator: Cafe Appliances

Dishwasher: Cafe Appliances

Oven: Cafe Appliances

Cooktop: Cafe Appliances

Interior Design: Erin Fetherston

Construction: Dama Construction Group

Photos by Sarah Elliott