Sofi Tukker: When Muse Met Reality

New York based singer and artist Sophie Hawley-Weld of musical duo Sofi Tukker is the embodiment of my modern muse. I fell in love with how Sophie connects to her inner goddess on stage. She carries herself equally with strength and femininity, this balance was a source of inspiration for my Spring 2017 collection.

Sofi Tukker recently performed at my fashion show after party.  The band released their first EP, Soft Animals this summer- filled with tracks that draw you to the dance floor.  The duo is on tour this fall and on October 15th will play my hometown of San Francisco at the Treasure Island Festival.

We photographed Sophie at dusk on a rooftop in New York City in styles from the fresh off the runway– it was the perfect moment when muse met reality. 

Photography by Hellin Kay